At The LOHAD Center for anti-aging, our goal is to help you reach your maximum level of health and wellness.

LOHAD stand for Land Of Hopes and Dreams. It is our wish that through The LOHAD Center, all of our clients and patients can reach their fullest potential in health and wellness so they can live out all of their hopes and dreams.

Our services include:

  • Health and wellness programs
  • nutrition and diet support
  • Life coaching
  • Spa services including skin care and massage therapy

You will also have access to a medical doctor to address those issues that require allopathic medicine.

Tony’s experience and technique is among the best I have ever experienced. From the minute you start to the time you finish you’re in a world of total relaxation and wellness. You enter a state of total relaxation, for 60 or 90 minutes (my favorite) and leave the all negative energy behind; when you re-enter you tend to have a new perspective and vigor in your approach to life. I firmly believe in the benefits of massage and Tony is best…
-Ed, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
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