Complement Antigen Test

Have you had health problems that have required numerous medications to treat or mask the symptoms? Or, maybe you’ve even tried surgery as an option to “fix” the problem and only found little if any relief. If so, the Food Allergy Test, also known as the Complement Antigen Test and the Food Antigen Test, could be your missing piece of the puzzle. It’s quite possible these “setbacks” could easily be improved by simply omitting certain foods from your diet. Developed by Brendan BioScience and backed by over 30 years of allergy research, the Complement Antigen Test is the ONLY analysis on the market to detect both Type 2 & Type 3* allergies simultaneously.

This new (patent-pending) food intolerance test selectively screens 132 common foods in our daily diet to identify which ones are causing inflammation in our body (see below). This inflammation is the root of most chronic problems and diseases we deal with today. Once these “toxic” foods have been identified and removed from your diet, it will be miraculous how quickly your quality of life will improve. Best of all, find out what foods these are 1 week after your test. Don’t waste another minute of your day by just accepting bothersome and/or painful problems as part of life. What do you have to lose? See how fast you can restore your health and have a new lease on life!


Food Allergy Symptoms and Causes

Many people with normal diets that eat otherwise healthy foods suffer uncomfortable symptoms such as a headache, stomachache, eczema or other problems. These symptoms often develop into a variety chronic conditions.

Many times these symptoms are precipitated by eating foods that actually cause food allergies. Food allergies result from small molecules (antigens) that gain entry to the circulation and result in the production of antibodies. These antibodies bind to food antigens deposited in tissues or in the circulation and form immune complexes which activate complement. Activation of complement results in inflammation and many of the symptoms associated with food allergy.

People suffering from food allergies rarely make a connection with specific foods so the underlying symptoms continue to be unresolved. In addition, we generally maintain the same diet so the current symptoms remain while new symptoms emerge over time. The net result is that people needlessly endure years of chronic illness: arthritis, asthma, migraines, cluster headaches, bowel problems, eczema, fatigue, heartburn and hyperactivity without knowing that food allergies cause, or contribute to, many of these conditions. People experiencing these symptoms should be tested for allergy.

Almost any food can cause a food allergy but many factors, especially genetics, control the actual immune response and the type(s) of foods causing the food allergy will vary from person to person. The Brendan Bioscience food panels screen for 132 foods and food additives that are common in most diets. These panels enable identification of the allergic foods for each individual so that the “problem” foods can be eliminated from diet.