A new standard of care is emerging for men and women over the age 30. Hormone replacement is rapidly becoming an integral part of a program that manages aging. The LOHAD Center will prepare you an individual program using bio-identical hormones based your specific needs and medical indications.

  • Establish your natural hormonal levels by getting a baseline test in your late thirties or
    early menopause.
  • Replace only those hormones that need replacing.
  • Use the lowest dose that does the job.
  • Use bio-identical hormones that are an exact molecular match to those naturally occurring in your body.
  • Support your HRT regime with a healthy diet, the right nutritional supplements
    and exercise.
  • Be realistic. The goal is not to turn back the clock. Rather, the goal is to optimize your comfort and overall health so you can live the second half of your life with maximal vitality and mental clarity.

Come visit us to begin your journey and help stall the hands of time!